We Bring the World to You.

Merchandise Worldwide at Your Fingertips.

Have anything in the world brought to you by a trusted Bringer.

Post Requests

Specify in detail what you want, and Bringer will bid on your request!

Choose a Bid

Choose the bid that best fit your requirements, and make a deposit so both parties are cared for.


Wait for the Bringer to fulfill your request. Confirm delivery, and enjoy!

Your Trips Could Pay for Themselves!

Earn extra cash and make new friends by Bringing someone their desired products.

Browse through people's request, and filter them by country and cities you are traveling to soon. Found something that matches your itinerary? Make a bid!

Once your bid is selected, the Buyer will make a deposit; once you have completed the delivery, the deposit will be released to you! It's a safe way for both the Buyer and the Bringer!

We Care. We Protect.

No more fake products. No more unfair prices. No more frauds.

A Community Built Upon Trust

With economic theory built in the backbone of our one-in-a-kind community, our rating system and dispute process is heavily driven by the community. The mechnism encourages truthful behaviour of our members, but if needed, our support team is always ready to help resolve any issues.

How This Works.

Straight Forward. Transparent.

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